This is where we practice, laugh, learn, educate, have fun, interact, grow. This is where we meet our friends and make new ones. This is our home. Flava House Street Dance & Culture Laboratory is an art space in the heart of Sofia, at 70 Tsar Simeon street. It had been a long-standing dream of some of Sleepwalking Society’s members to have a place to call home for their art. Finally, in 2013, they found it here and built a sanctuary for the culture. It is at Flava House that anyone, regardless of age, gender or status, can understand and become part of the culture in some way, whether it is through dance, music, street art or a simple exchange of positive energy. We strive to grow and let others grow, learn and give our knowledge to others, share fun moments and inspiration and, perhaps more than anything else, help each person find their own style and individuality. We are proud to keep the spirit alive and to have built our own little Flava House family.

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The teachers in Flava House are prominent professionals. For many years they have been taking part in many dance festivals, events, concerts, spectacles, music videos, TV shows, tours and dance battles. They had been judges on some of the most prestige dance competitions. They’ve been learning from the best in the world like Buddha Stretch (USA), Caleaf Sellers (USA), Suga Pop (USA), Ken Swift (USA), Maurizio (Italy)), Mr. Wiggles (USA), Teknyc (USA), Alien Ness (USA), Havikoro (USA), B-boy Focus (Finland), Venum (USA), Bubble Zoo (Germany), Urban Artistry (USA), Meech (France), so that they can share knowledge and experience with all of you! The space for text here is limited but the words we can write about them and their manifestations touch all specters of dance. Just come and dance with them in real vibe!

  Yani - Sleepwalkingz Crew, Pop&Roll    Teaching:  Hip Hop Freestyle, Street Dance for Kids, Breaking

Yani - Sleepwalkingz Crew, Pop&Roll

Teaching: Hip Hop Freestyle, Street Dance for Kids, Breaking

  Eli - Pop&Roll,  Skywalkers     Teaching:  House, Waacking

Eli - Pop&Roll, Skywalkers

Teaching: House, Waacking

  Ekzarka - Sleepwalkingz Crew, True Rokin Soul    Teaching:  Breaking                                                                                                                         

Ekzarka - Sleepwalkingz Crew, True Rokin Soul

Teaching: Breaking                                                                                                     

  Kamisha - Sleepwalkingz Crew, Pop&Roll    Teaching:  Locking

Kamisha - Sleepwalkingz Crew, Pop&Roll

Teaching: Locking

  Katerina - Pop&Roll    Teaching:  Hip Hop Freestyle                                          

Katerina - Pop&Roll

Teaching: Hip Hop Freestyle                                  

  Tzvety-  Pop&Roll    Teaching:  Contemporary Dance

Tzvety-  Pop&Roll

Teaching: Contemporary Dance