Sleepwalking Society is an NGO dedicated to teaching the Bulgarian youth the values of Hip Hop culture. Through organising dance lessons, workshops, performances, music jams and movie screenings, summer camps and other fun activities we tirelessly work towards building a community that shares the basic principles of Hip Hop: “peace, unity, love and having fun”. We want to nurture a culture of cooperation, compassion and respect among the young generation, while cultivating in them love and appreciation of art in its various forms. In addition, we try to spread those values and enrich our own experiences through participating in international dance events, community and charity events and exchange programs with similar organisations at home and abroad.


Our motto is “Make history before you go”. We practice what we preach and over the years have made tremendous efforts to preserve and grow the Bulgarian Hip Hop culture. Most significantly, we are proud to be the organisers of the first and longest-standing jam in Bulgaria, “JAM ON IT”. Since 2003 we have organised 14 jams with international guests of the highest calibre, who have brought international standards to the Hip Hop scene at home and have shared their knowledge and experience with local crews. “JAM ON IT” is universally recognised among members of the Hip Hop culture as the local festival that represents our culture in its purest form. In 2017 we started producing a documentary series on the Bulgarian breaking scene and history, called “Upside Down”. We sometimes engage in advertising and promotional campaigns, all revenues of which go towards financing our main activities outlined above and the operations of the dance space we built in Sofia in 2013 – Flava House.


Through everything we do, we strive to achieve our mission to:


•        Spread the positive aspects of Hip Hop culture and street art;

•        Support the development of talent in dance, music and the related arts;

•        Nurture a spirit of inclusiveness and encourage young people to engage in constructive activities;

•        Encourage awareness and appreciation of ethnic, cultural and economic differences;

•        Strengthen the national and cultural identity of Bulgarian youth;

•        Support each individual’s cultural, spiritual and aesthetic growth and education;

•        Promote art as well as a spirit of sharing and mutual respect;

•        Build an art database to preserve the history and culture of Hip Hop in Bulgaria.

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