Bring people together, entertain, educate and have good time. Work for unity: showing different cultures, serve as platform for exchange of different experience and arts - overcoming social, national, race and other differences. 

In its 30 years of existence Hip Hop has become an industry for billions of dollars, but to be stable and not lose our way we always get back and get in touch with the pioneers of this cultures, who started all this just as a natural positive way of expression. Now it is important to become professionals, be able to entertain huge audiences, produce quality products, but still keep the moral values of the culture. 


Show the positive aspects of street culture called Hip Hop as a way of expression for the youth:

- overcoming the negatives in live;

- having a positive outlet. 

Long term goals: 

- Show and teach the youth that they can use their time more efficiently and get better in arts, communication, and self-expression. 

- Build a stable Bulgarian scene with artists that are competitive and well recognized worldwide