In-Finity - Performance

Pop&Roll - Artistic Company

Pop&Roll - Artistic Company

In-Finity is the latest dance and music project by Pop&Roll Company. The show will present an unprecedented collaboration between street dance and contemporary dance. Unlike the company's previous two shows, 7D and 8, In-Finity aims to delve into the subject of the inward, personal state of mind, since it is the artists' opinion that self-creation starts from the inside and is subsequently reflected on the outside. The artists rely on the idea that nature, universe, soul, and time are at the same time everything and nothing, which is why the performance will be presented through movement, dance, and impressive visual and audio compositions that will show how great infinity actually is.


In-Finity performance by Pop&Roll - Artistic Company


The project is realised with the financial support 
of the Culture Programme of Sofia Municipality.


Pop&Roll Crew for In-Finity
Yanitsa Stankeva
Kostadin "Ekzarka" Ekzarov
Panayot Zlatev
Nikolay Kamishev

Evgenia Guenova
Samuil Topalov (dance, beatbox, voice)
Mihaela Mihailova (dance, vocal)




Kostadin "Ekzarka" Ekzarov


special thanks to
Iosif Astrukov - lighting
Zlatna Mihailova - "Angel" costume
Phelia Barouh - photography


Sofia Municipality
Flava House


produced by
Sleepwalking Society