The Sleepwalking Society is a Non-governmental organization aiming to develop and uplift the culture and different art forms in Bulgaria. It is established in 2006 and is the result of ideas which have been growing years before that. It is the legal form of activities done by a group of friends united by the same mission: to create a better place to live and awaken people’s minds.

The NGO has participated and organized dozens of activities and events. Without a doubt the biggest production is the JAM ON IT Festival which started in the year 2003 and has 13 successful editions in the new Bulgarian cultural history. JAM ON IT is also part of the worldwide network of significant events, being the most notorious street dance festival on the Balkans. Hundreds of artists and fans have been part of the unforgettable events, days, nights, hours and minutes of JOI!

Other significant recent projects include the two dance performances produced in 2012 and 2013 – “7D” and “8” respectively. The artists from the Pop&Roll Company, friends and family have put street dancing and hip hop culture on a new level, touching the deepest emotions of both young and aged spectators.

Sleepwalking Society has partnered with over thirty significant institutions, companies and brands including: The Sofia and Smolyan Municipalities, the US Embassy, the Netherland Embassy, The Polish and Italian Institutes, the Nestle Company, Nissan, Pernod Ricard Bulgaria, Puma, Contrabanda Consortium, Megalux Lighting, just to name a few. Productions of the NGO have appeared in all national visual, print and online media.

The best is yet to come!