JAM ON IT is the biggest platform of street dances in Bulgaria giving a chance for people to meet, get better, and represent themselves worldwide together with artists from all around the world. 

Every year JAM ON IT is different but maintaining the same permanent path and positive values.

Since 2003 we have been organizing workshops with pioneers and legends of the international street dance scene. The authenticity of the dance styles taught are our main concern. We provide the platform for the mediation of the history and knowledge behind the dance.

For the visitors, JAM ON IT is one of the most spectacular and at the same time most cosy events of the year! It gives all the hundreds of fans and lovers of the positive culture and arts the chance to entertain, relax, meet and get to know new people and ideas.

JAM ON IT 2003 – 2013 

13 editions

38 locations

136 live legends from 21 countries

42 dance competitions

52 showcases

63 workshops

348 dance battles

1280 participants

132 000 viewers

55 organizations and institutions

67 TV reports

390 printed publications

3100 internet publications