Dance Shows & Performances

In this regard, we offer a few minutes, specially prepared dance shows,  to dance theater productions of the highest level. Quality and level guaranteed by SLEEPWALKINGZ - Group with over 15 years experience in modern dance and many national and international awards and recognitions.

Organization of cultural and youth events

In this range includes any activities related to contemporary art and subcultures - parties, advertising, promotions, concerts, seminars, demonstrations, festivals. SLEEPWALKINGZ are founders of the International Festival called JAM ON IT, which became popular in the world with a positive atmosphere and the unique vibe in it!

Participate in advertisings, music videos and commercials

SLEEPWALKINGZ CREW consists of experienced, professional artists with proven, successful face-control switch. Their special skills and qualities allow the implementation of innovative and unconventional ideas. Particularly suitable for use in photo and video products with original and modern concept.

Creation and implementation of BTL communications, promotion of products

As a team with years of experience in the field of art and entertainment and opinion leader of considerable youth communities in the country, we SLEEPWALKINGZ pleased to help our partners to realize their advertising campaigns to target audience - young people in the country! Direct contact with our young people, original ideas we possess, and attractive ways to realize them, we become the preferred partner, by the leading companies in the country!